Oil and Gas


The oil and gas industry generates a large volume of wastewater that is becoming a major environmental concern. The wastewater from fracking, known as produced water, has contaminants that make the separation and processing of the wastewater for beneficial reuse challenging. This challenge results in the oil and gas industry using the extremely expensive and environmentally wasteful practice of underground injection as the primary method of disposal of produced water. The EPA recognizes the limits to injection and is advocating for the industry to seek new approaches.

See 2019 EPA Study of Oil and Gas Extraction Wastewater Management Under the Clean Water Act at: https://www.epa.gov/sites/production/files/2019-05/documents/oil-and-gas-study_draft_05-2019.pdf


The Eco System is on of the most versatile and robust separation and water purification systems on the market today. It has specific advantages in dealing with many of the contaminants within produced water such as sand, grit, hydrocarbons, oils, and dissolved chemicals. 

One of the primary challenges with produced water is the high dissolved chloride/mineral composition frequently with 5 to 10 times greater salinity than sea water. This high chloride level can overwhelm traditional seawater desalination methods such as RO membranes.


Eco Water Technologies is actively looking for a partner in the oil and gas industry to perform a joint research project using modifications to the Eco System to address issues with produced water with the goal to be able to generate a high percentage of beneficial reuse water that does not require deep well injection.

We encourage any company in the oil and gas industry interested in partnering to solve this issue to contact Eco Water Technologies to discuss methods of forming a collaborative research venture.