Variety of Municipal Applications

The Eco System has a wide variety of applications enabling it to solve problems ranging from those that arise from expanding urban populations to decentralized systems for rural and suburban populations.  

The packaged systems are ideal for remote on-site solutions for producing irrigation water for new neighborhoods while sending a higher concentrated wastewater to the centralized municipal wastewater facility.  Scalable and with a remarkably small footprint, the Eco System seamlessly integrates at existing municipal wastewater facilities to expand capacity at a fraction of the cost of a new facility. 


Standalone or Supplemental

The Eco System is highly diversified and can act as a standalone completed packaged wastewater processing facility capable of replacing older outdated equipment in smaller municipal applications. 

The Eco System has a variety of filtration options that allow the product water to meet stricter environmental regulations that are beyond the capacity of older equipment. The Eco System is ideally suited as a low capital and operating cost solution for municipal users where water quality is the determining factor in selection of equipment. 


Chemical/Physical Separation with no Greenhouse Gases

The Eco System use physical/chemical separation to remove suspended solids as opposed to aerobic biological digestion typical of most wastewater treatment plants. The open basins, clarifiers and lagoons used in the aerobic biological digestion system are significant sources of the greenhouse gas Carbon Dioxide along with odorous smells from hydrogen sulfide. The Eco System is contained in a small free-standing building eliminating these structures along with the greenhouse gases and odors making it compatible with location near residential neighborhoods. 


Better in Every Way


The Eco System separates and removes the suspended solids from wastewater with greater efficiency than any competing system on the market. It can produce a dense sludge five time more concentrated than typical aerobic biological digestion systems. The Eco System produced sludge has not been aerobically digested resulting in a higher nutrient and energy potential source when municipalities are considering resource recovery systems.  

The Eco System is a fully operational package system that is scalable to the size requirement of the municipality. It has significant lower capital and operating costs when compared to other package system technologies such as Membrane Bio-Reactors or Sequence Batch Reactors while producing cleaner product water and denser sludge.


There are many benefits – both economical and environmental – to using the Eco System in a municipal setting:

  • The Eco System is versatile having applications as a decentralized, supplemental or standalone unit.
  • The Eco System foot print is approximately 20% the size of a comparable conventional aerobic biological treatment facility.
  • The recovered water purity is adjustable allowing beneficial reuse ranging irrigation grade to indirect potable.
  • The Eco System saves between 25% to 50% of the CAPEX costs of building a new biological treatment plant or a comparable package plant.
  • The Eco System also saves 25% of the total operating costs of a conventional treatment system or a comparable package plant with significant savings in electrical costs.
  • The Eco System is delivered skid mounted ready for use reducing the lead time to add additional capacity typical of new on-site construction of a conventional biological treatment system.
  • The Eco System environmentally friendly reducing greenhouse gas emissions while reducing energy consumption.
  • The Eco System is easy to operate, has less maintenance requirements and is less complex that other packaged plant technologies.