The Eco System is a fully integrated automated processing system that has multiple components designed to remove specific categories of contaminants. The hydrocyclones remove heavy sand and grits, the flotation tank system removes suspended solids, the UF membranes remove large molecule dissolved solids, the UV light disinfects, and the Nano/RO membranes remove chemicals and small molecule dissolved solids. The full range of contamination removal capacity makes the Eco System adaptable to a wide range of industrial wastewater processing solutions.

The engineers at Eco Water Technologies can make design modification to various components of the Eco System to customize the system to the specific wastewater characteristics for a given application. 

The Eco System is divided into a separation module and a filtration module to allow for applications that have specialized needs. The wastewater from many food processing applications such as diary, cheese and meat processing only require the separation module which other industrial application have more issues with removal of dissolved chemicals.

There are many benefits – both economic and environmental – to using the Eco System in an industrial setting:

  • The Eco System separation module has significant capital and operating cost savings compared to traditional DAF systems. 
  • The Eco System the most versatile system on the market while still customizable to a specific customer’s needs.
  • The Eco System separation module is covered, the filtration module is sealed. and the system and does not use aerobic biological separation resulting in reducing odors, a cleaner and safer operation system that is appropriate for indoor use within the industrial or food processing facility.
  • The Eco System is easy to operate, has less maintenance requirements and is less complex that other packaged plant technologies.
  • The Eco System is capable of producing very high-quality product water for beneficial reuse capable of discharge to the environment directly from the industrial plant reducing the costs associated with discharging into a municipal sewage system.