Eco Water Technologies Corp “Eco” is a privately held clean water technology corporation with the goal of revolutionizing the wastewater industry by dramatically reducing the cost to produce clean water.  Eco’s new technology will transform the wastewater processing industry by shifting from the traditional biological treatment method to a physical/chemical treatment process that has significant cost and operating advantages making clean water available to everyone while reducing environmental pollution and the release of greenhouse gases inherent in the biological treatment method. 




In 2011, Eco’s primary technical developer had the vision of using an axial flow pump as a Richter Separator creating a vortex that uses centrifugal forces as part of an integrated process to create a unique way to remove settleable and suspended solids from wastewater.  Five years of design, development and research combined with being granted 11 US patents, and the Eco Wastewater Concentrator system “Eco System” was born.   


In 2017, Eco tested its first integrated system with a full size mobile demonstration unit at a Florida municipal wastewater treatment facility. The results were phenomenal and greatly exceeded expectations. The accredited laboratory test results determined that the processed water met not only the normal non-potable water standards but they also exceeded both the EPA and the World Health Organization primary and secondary drinking water standards.   


In 2018 – 2019, Eco performed additional research based on knowledge derived from earlier systems and developed an extremely efficient and cost effective separation module giving Eco significant operational and cost advantages over existing technologies.  When the separation module is combined with the filtration module, the Eco System becomes the most cost effective packaged wastewater processing system in the market.