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Eco System, was designed as an advanced, modern solution.


Eco System saves 40-75% of total processing costs


Eco System is about 80% smaller than traditional wastewater plants


Eco System helps to put more water back into the environment

What We Do?

Efficient, Scalable, Affordable, Quality

Are you looking to save money while increasing your productivity and efficiency. EWC, utilizing the Culler Process, is here to help. Unlike conventional treatment, the Eco System uses centrifugal force to quickly and efficiently process wastewater. It can be used to increase the capacity of your existing treatment facility, as a remote scalping facility, or as a stand-alone wastewater treatment plant. The Eco System significantly saves on both build-out (CAPEX) and operating (O&M) costs as compared to traditional wastewater processing. The Eco System produces extremely high quality product water that can meet irrigation and indirect potable water standards. With multiple US and International Patents, we are truly a brand new, one-of-a-kind technology that is bringing wastewater treatment technology into the 21st century and changing the way people think about processing municipal and industrial wastewater.

ECO System’s versatility enables the processing of wastewater
with the resulting product water meeting the standard specified by the customer:

  • Irrigation
  • AMT Water
  • Indirect Potable
  • Boiler or Power Plant Water
  • World Health Organization Primary or Secondary Drinking Water
  • Customer specific standard

Where can you Eco System?

Eco System is a very versatile processing system. No matter where you use the Eco System, you will see the many benefits!